Our School

Calgary Islamic School (CIS) was founded in 1992 as a full-time private school serving the Muslim Community of Calgary. CIS provides an Islamic learning environment with a commitment to using effective teaching pedagogy to cultivate and advance a comprehensive academic program, which is fully compliant with the Alberta curriculum of studies. CIS is a K-12 school with two campuses and a wide array of resources designed to foster student achievement that will prepare students to pursue higher education and be successful in their careers. It is our aim to empower our students by cultivating their interests and honing their academic skills as strong Canadian Muslims.

In July of 2015 the Calgary Islamic School and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary (MCFC) entered into an agreement with Palliser Regional Schools to become an alternative program school within Palliser. The partnership has brought forth great opportunities for the Calgary Islamic School to better enhance the educational opportunities for our students while respecting our religious and cultural beliefs and values.